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Our FACES Project: "Watershed" - FACES

Our FACES Project: “Watershed”

Please take a moment to listen to these incredible Female ACEs speak out on the critically important issue of sexual misconduct.

If you think it’s an important message, please share. Together we will make it an actual watershed moment. Together we will dance on the shards of broken glass ceilings.

#FemaleACEs #MeToo #YesAllWomen #TheFutureIsFemale #WomeninEntertainment #Watershed #InvestInWomen


FACES as an organization encourages young women to take their careers into their own hands. The Our FACES Project lets Female ACEs do this literally. By taking their smartphones into their own hands, they are able to relay their thoughts, aspirations, and grievances about the entertainment industry, both directly and in their own voice. 

Special thanks to our editor Lisa Bass and all the amazing Female ACEs who sent in their videos to help make this possible and get their voices heard!

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