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We are a not-for-profit that aims to augment the collective female voice by increasing the number of women working in film, TV, and digital media.

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We empower women to treat their careers like small businesses & equip them with the necessary tools to become confident entrepreneurs.

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Gender inequality negatively impacts not only the creators of entertainment, but those who consume it on a regular basis.

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FACES Talk: Ep 107 “Rainbow Notes”

Connie Bumbaloni and Rachel Arac interview Jules Rico of the WHCS radio show, “Rainbow Notes”. The trio discuss the most compelling TV shows addressing LGBTQ+ issues, Jules’s “make-it-happen” mentality, and who has the best face for radio.

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“Why not me?” This was the first thought of ultimate #FemaleACE Jules Rico, when she realized somebody needed to be the voice of the LGBTQ+ at Hunter College.

Here’s some of our recent FACES talk... #femalefilmmakerfriday

As the Senior VP of engineering at Sling TV, Christine believes that, “It is critical that women help create the products that will be consumed and purchased by other women.” Via @Forbes & @Sling https://t.co/PgrXIzPsHC

Christine Weber, a woman at the forefront of entertainment technology is central to making streaming and watching content on demand possible. #wcw #FemaleACEs

The Many Names of FACES

We realize the various names and titles associated with our organization can get confusing. So here’s the breakdown and some videos to help you remember:

Female Artistic & Commercial Entrepreneur Support: Full organization name

FACES: Organization’s acronym

Female ACE: An empowered woman who takes control of her entertainment career, or a female “artistic & commercial entrepreneur”

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