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Sparkman On: Advice Overload

What never ceases to amaze me about our industry is how many unique and inspiring people you meet. Every single person has the most incredible stories, whether it be from their time on set, or how they got their first job (check out FACES “Breaking In” Series for some of them!).

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Our FACES: Meet Ashley Van Buren

Time to meet one of FACES’ kickass board members, Ashley Van Buren in the latest from Our FACES Project. Here is a woman who exemplifies what it means to be a #FemaleACE. She locks her cell phone in her mailbox during periods of the day so she can get more work done. Enough said.

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Sparkman On: Why PAs Are Important AF

A looottt of people complain that being a PA (aka Production Assistant, aka lowest woman on the production totem pole) is the worst job ever. I’ve heard people brag that they’ve never PA’d. I’ve heard crew members laugh as they warn PAs that their job sucks. I’ve even heard someone compare PAing to slavery.

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