FACES Talk: Ep 101 “We Need to Talk”

Recent stats on the number of women in the entertainment industry (or lack there of) are giving Rachel and Connie a severe case of agita. And they’re ready to tell you all about it (the stats AND the agita).

A FACES Production
Written by: Rachel Arac and Amanda Bruton
Director: Esta Pratt-Kielley
Director of Photography: Delia Barth
Connie Bumbaloni: Amanda Bruton
Rachel Arac: Rachel Arac
Editor: Esta Pratt-Kielley

#FemaleACEs #TheFutureIsFemale #WomenInEntertainment #OurFACESFriday

In lieu of the usual blog updating our supporters on the latest goings-on of our organization, we decided to jazz it up a bit and bring you a monthly talk show dedicated to bringing you all the important FACES and industry news of the day. And who better to discuss these crucial topics than the fabulous and hilarious Rachel Arac (Political Satirist, Entertainer, & Attorney) and Amanda Bruton (Actor, Writer, & Producer) as her award-winning character Connie Bumbaloni (Jersey Housewife, Social Commentator, Acrylic Nail-Enthusiast).

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