Aubrey Smyth’s “Little Leading Ladies”

Earlier in the week, our Breaking In Series featured Aubrey Smyth, chronicling how she went from a student at Pratt Institute to a marketable Commercial Director running her own production company. If you missed it, check it out here.

Today, we’re excited to share Aubrey’s Little Leading Ladies video, a PSA that teeters on the edge of audacious and hilariously uplifting, while highlighting a specific aspect of the ongoing gender disparity debate that is certainly in need of additional attention. The film begins with a classic shot of  a cosmetics box, as a young girl prepares to tackle the long hard day of sales ahead of her. Like every working individual, she prepares her briefcase, filled with the quintessential work necessities…loads and loads of bubble gum, but let’s not ruin the ending for you.

Not only does the video show Aubrey’s skill in writing and directing comedy, but also her eye for talent. Since the making of this PSA back in 2014 (#aheadofitstime), two of the young actresses have gone on to achieve considerable fame and success. Taliyah Whitaker (Talk Show Host) has appeared in Netflix’s The Incredible Jessica James (a must watch for any aspiring playwright) and Orange is the New Black. And you can catch mini-CEO Giselle Eisenberg as sassy daughter Sophia on ABC’s hit show Life in Pieces.

So if you feel at all moved or inspired, we encourage you to share this delightfully witty video and let us know your thoughts with a comment below!

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Written by Francis Fuster

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