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VIDEO: Puppets Talk Business: You Can't Just 'Build It' - FACES

VIDEO: Puppets Talk Business: You Can’t Just ‘Build It’

Milton (Monkey & Businessman) and Gerard (Giraffe & Writer/Director) debate the merits of incorporating business skills into any entertainment career.

#TipTuesday #FemaleACEs #womeninentertainment

Puppets Talk Business Series

They may be toys, but when it comes to their entertainment careers, they don’t play around.

Key members of my toddler’s hand puppet collection offer and debate key business concepts aimed at helping Female ACEs develop and enhance their entertainment careers. Why puppets you might ask?

  1. A significant percentage of my audience is of the artistic persuasion so I’m using a creative vehicle to convey rather “un-creative” concepts.
  2. An integral part of being an effective producer is finding cheap and expedient ways to get things done. Doesn’t get any cheaper or easier than shooting in my living room using toys that I plucked from one of many piles on the floor.
  3. I’m the mother of a crazy two-year-old and I don’t brush my hair every day. So… puppets.

P.S. I apologize in advance, but as I have no acting talent, I don’t do character voices. I suppose then, I should also apologize for having no acting talent.

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