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Lady Parts: Ep 110 "Sh*t Gets Real" - FACES

Lady Parts: Ep 110 “Sh*t Gets Real”

In this last episode of the first season, Katrina realizes non-union actors are hardly viewed as people…but do you hear the people sing? Tune in to find out!

We know you are as sad as we are to be at the end of the series’ re-release, but keep coming back for updates on the future of Lady Parts!

But right now, sit back and enjoy the tenth episode of Lady Parts, “”Shit Gets Real” — Lady Parts.”

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Lady Parts
A blog. A web series. Real Life. Lady Parts is a comedic web series created by Katrina Day. Season One explores the sexist and discriminatory depictions of females in various forms of entertainment through the eyes of struggling actresses on the New York City audition circuit. FACES is re-releasing the first season, with new episodes available every Friday. Each episode is based on real life casting call breakdowns and experiences endured by women in entertainment… Maybe it’s a bit too real…

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