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FACES Talk: Ep 108 "Microaggressions" - FACES

FACES Talk: Ep 108 “Microaggressions”

Rachel and Connie interview our Founder/ Executive Director, Brittany Rostron, about the cumulative damage of sexual microaggressions, what can be done to overcome them, and what it’s like to have an enormous photo splashed all over the cover an international newspaper.Click the link below to read the entire article that appeared in USA Today as the third installment in a series on sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry. In the piece, Brittany shares her own experiences with industry microaggressions, as well as her rewarding work with FACES.

USA Today “Death by a Thousand Cuts”

Directed by Delia Barth
Written by Rachel Arac and Amanda Bruton
Special Guest: Brittany Rostron
Director of Photography: Esta Pratt-Kielley
Connie Bumbaloni: Amanda Bruton
Rachel Arac: Rachel Arac
Editor: Delia Barth

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