We created our name with the intent to be clear on mission, but perhaps not the mission to be clear. The full name is a mouthful, so we go by the acronym, FACES. The women of our community are called Female ACEs. Got it, everyone??…Who are we kidding…Even most of us got it wrong at first. Luckily, we caught some of the struggle on video. Check it out in this latest installment of #OurFACESFridays!

Thank you to all the Female ACEs who participated in this video…and took the time to learn our full name.

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Our FACES Project Series
FACES as an organization encourages young women to take their careers into their own hands. The Our FACES Project lets Female ACEs do this literally. By taking their smartphones into their own hands, they are able to relay their thoughts, aspirations, and grievances about the entertainment industry, both directly and in their own voice. Keep coming back for #OurFACESFridays to watch a new video featuring our amazing Female ACEs!

Editor: Delia Barth
Assistant Editor: Bindya Kannappa


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